AoS on Film

Our current videos can all be found on our You Tube channel, or you can access them from this page. If you have been involved in a film relating to AoS please do get in touch so we can ensure all our supporters get a chance to see it.

  • Sea Sunday

    Watch our Sea Sunday video. 

  • Sea Sunday Advert

    Watch a sneak preview of our Sea Sunday video. 

  • AoS Port of Hull

    All in a day's work: Our Hull & Goole port chaplain Anne McLaren, visits seafarers on board ships.

  • BBC The One Show: Malaviya Seven

    Our Aberdeen port chaplain Doug Duncan features on BBC The One Show in which he speaks about AoS' support for them.

  • Meeting an AoS port chaplain

    Primary school children learn how AoS Tilbury port chaplain Wojciech Holub supports seafarers. 


  • Learning about Apostleship of the Sea

    Primary school children learn about how seafarers play a vital role delivering our goods and how AoS supports seafarers.


  • AoS supports Malaviya Seven crew

    Our Abderdeen port chaplain speaks to STV News about supporting stranded seafarers.


  • Meet our Portsmouth Ship Visitors

    Ever wondered what Apostleship of the Sea ship visitors do? Find out about the vital and fantastic role work they do with seafarers.


  • Leaving a legacy to AoS

    A gift in your Will helps ensure our work supporting seafarers continues. 

  • Life at Sea: it's none of my business

    A film by Harriet Grecian offering a candid view of life at sea and how AoS provides pastoral and practical support to seafarers in difficulties.

  • John Pinhay Falmouth & Fowey

    Our port chaplain in Falmouth & Fowey John Pinhay speaks about his ministry and work supporting seafarers.

  • AoS on BBC One Show

    Southampton port chaplain Roger Stone is featured on BBC One Show where he talks about how AoS is assisting crew of a detained ship at Shoreham-by-Sea.

  • Ann Donnelly Plymouth & Teignmouth

    Our port chaplain in Plymouth & Teignmouth Ann Donnelly and ship visitor Jayne O'Connor speak about supporting seafarers.

  • Richard Haggarty

    Former AoS port chaplain Richard Haggarty introduces his work in the port of Troon.

  • World Congress Video Diaries: A Seafarer's Personal Story

    XXIII AoS World Congress - A seafarer's personal story.

  • World Congress Video Diaries - Day 1: AoS and New Evangelisation

    XXIII AoS World Congress in Rome in November 2012 - Day 1.

  • World Congress Video Diaries - Day 2: Effective Engagement with the Maritime Industry

    XXIII AoS World Congress in Rome in November 2012 - Day 2

  • World Congress Video Diaries - Day 3: Fishermen and Abandoned Crews

    XXIII AoS World Congress in Rome November 2012 - Day 3

  • World Congress Video Diaries - Day 4: Piracy

    XXIII AoS World Congress in Rome in November 2012 - Day 4

  • World Congress Video Diaries - Day 5: Conclusion - The Commitment

    XXIII AoS World Congress in Rome in November 2012 - Day 5

  • A Day In the Life Of an AoS Port Chaplain
    Local film students followed AoS chaplain Anne Donnelly on a normal day in her work at Teignmouth Docks, visiting ships and supporting seafarers. 
  • Roger Stone - Making the Invisible Visible!
    Our port chaplain in Southampton takes the BBC onboard a ship and gives them a taste of what his work supporting seafarers is like. 
  • Rome Reports

    The Pope reaches out to those at sea. This original video and other similar reports at the Rome Reports Website

  • CST The Gate Advertising
    See our new advert kindly created for us by CST The Gate Advertising.