Our Work Supporting Seafarers

Recognising and responding to the needs of seafarers is part of the Apostleship of the Sea's pastoral care. Many seafarers suffer loneliness, far from home and cut off from their own culture, family and friends.

We direct our support to where it is most needed.
The Apostleship of the Sea deploys its chaplains in Britain’s largest ports, where thousands of seafarers visit each year. Tilbury, Southampton, Felixstowe and Aberdeen are among the busiest. The majority of smaller British ports are also covered using our large network of volunteer ship visitors who work in port teams with their local port chaplain.
Each day that our chaplains and ship visitors climb a gangway they can meet any number of different situations.
AoS Falmouth port chaplain John Pinhay and ship visitor Simon Bromage with seafarers

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